Restorative Yoga Teacher Training


15 Hour Training

Start before you're ready.

In Restorative yoga we discover the secret to going slow, paying attention, and being still. In Restorative yoga we practice deep rest and listen to the rhythm of our own hearts. In Restorative yoga we emphasize “being” rather than “doing.” Our bodies know how to relax. Our bodies know how to heal themselves. Restorative yoga is about giving our bodies time and creating the conditions for relaxation and healing to occur.

To teach Restorative yoga we must first learn to practice Restorative yoga. In this training you will learn straightforward techniques for introversion and stillness. You will gain the ability to offer your students ways to soothe their overstimulated sympathetic nervous systems and find relief from the stress of their busy lives. Paradoxically, by giving your students the gift of intense rest, they will discover more energy for family, work and creativity.

Open to yoga teachers and serious students from all styles. A certificate is available from Lizzie when you attend all sessions and complete a digital course and written project after the course.   

Typical Schedule:
Friday: 18h00 – 21h00
Saturday & Sunday:  10h00 – 17h15


30 Hour Training

Silence is contagious.

In the first half of this training, our focus is on learning to practice Restorative yoga. In the second half, the frame shifts to sharing this active relaxation with our students.

How can we best support our students to find silence in the midst of our cacophonous 21st century? How do we make space for the unseen inner work of yoga in a culture ever more mesmerized by materiality and consumerism? How can we personally integrate a profession about slowing down and giving our attention to spiritual growth into our accelerating lives?

This training is a targeted look at the theory, alignment, sequencing, and energetics of Restorative yoga. You will learn, for example, to teach supported inversions, the most advanced poses for quieting the brain, decreasing anxiety, boosting the immune system, and hormonal balance.

Students who have already completed a 15 hour Restorative Training with with Lizzie Lasater can attend the second half of this training. A certificate is available from Lizzie when you attend all sessions and complete a digital course and written project.

Typical Schedule:
Monday - Friday:  10h00 – 17h15






Certification is about deepening your learning. It is an optional process requiring an extra fee after the workshop.

It provides an opportunity to dive deeper into the practice of Restorative yoga, broadensyour learning, and brings lasting benefits to your teaching.

If you choose not to pursue certification, the yoga studio will issue a Certificate of Completion for the Restorative training contact hours you attended.

If you attend the 15hr or 30hr training, steps to receive certification are the same:

1. Attend all sessions of the Restorative training with Lizzie Lasater.

2. Complete the Savasana Intensive digital course. (Additional cost of $179)

3. Submit your completed Report here. (No additional cost for Lizzie to personally offer feedback on your report.)

4. Get listed on the directory of certified Restorative Yoga Teachers.

Yoga Alliance Credit

Want to receive Continuing Education Hours for an in person or digital training with Lizzie? Please read more here.